What are the new features introduced in older casino games by Evolution's Live Casino Games?

Evolution Gaming: Revolutionizing Live Casino Games with Innovative Features

Evolution Gaming, a leading provider of Live Casino solutions, has continuously introduced innovative features in traditional casino games, enhancing the gaming experience for players around the globe. Amid the surging demand for online gambling and digital gaming platforms, these new features have revolutionized classic casino games – Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Poker and more, elevating the entertainment value and providing unrivalled immersive experiences.

Immersive Multi-Camera Installation

One of the hallmark features presented by Evolution Gaming in their Live Casino games is the immersive multi-camera installation. This feature can be noticed in Live Roulette where up to four cameras are used, including close-up shots of the wheel and the dealer, and wide shots of the entire game. Such multi-angled shots create a dynamic environment identical to traditional casinos, enriching users' online gambling experience.

Game Shows: A Dazzling Twist to Live Casino Games

Game Shows, a dazzling feature introduced by Evolution Gaming, has brought an exciting twist to conventional Live Casino games. Combining elements of popular TV-style games and casino games, this feature provides unique gaming experiences to the user. Examples include Monopoly Live, a special edition of Dream Catcher and Crazy Time which is the most expensive game ever produced by Evolution Gaming featuring four exciting bonus games.

Direct Game Launch for Easy Accessibility

Evolution Gaming’s Live Casino games have also integrated the Direct Game Launch feature which allows operators to provide links in any web text or email, which directly takes players to a live game on their desktop, tablet, or smartphone. This feature boosts the accessibility and availability of games, easing the virtual navigation process for the users.

Engaging Features in Blackjack

Blackjack is another game in which Evolution Gaming has introduced engaging features. Pre-Decision is an impressive feature which allows players to Stand, Hit, Double Down or Split simultaneously with the first player, without waiting for their turn. This absolutely enhances the game’s pace and promotes more game rounds. Bet Behind is another feature enabling players to bet on a hand dealt to another player, providing an opportunity to win even during peak gaming hours when tables are fully occupied.

Multi-Camera Baccarat for Authenticity and Immersion

With regards to Baccarat, one prominent feature Evolution Gaming introduced is the Multi-Camera Baccarat. Similar to Roulette, this feature provides players with close-ups of every card dealt, alongside a variety of camera angles showcasing the dealer and the table. This feature delivers an unprecedented sense of authenticity and immersion to the players.

Scalable Blackjack for Unlimited Players

The Scalable Blackjack, a ground-breaking feature, allows an unlimited number of players to simultaneously play at a single table against the dealer. This resolves the traditional limitation of a limited number of participants on Blackjack tables, permitting more players to engage at the same time.

Dual Play for On-Premise and Online Players

A unique Dual Play feature is another attractive addition to Roulette. This encourages both on-premise seated players and a virtually unlimited number of additional online players to play the same games at the same tables in land-based casinos.

Progressive Jackpot and Bonus Bets in Poker

Poker enthusiasts aren’t left out either as Evolution Gaming has introduced the progressive jackpot linked to Live Texas Hold 'Em Bonus Poker. This adds an extra layer of potential winnings and excitement. 5+1 Bonus Bet and Pair Plus are two promising features in Live Three Card Poker that allow players to win potentially lucrative payouts, enriching the game's allure.

Card Peek for a Traditional Baccarat Experience

Meanwhile, Card Peek is an engaging feature in Live Baccarat that allows players a sneak peek at their cards, just like in the traditional game. These innovative features have not only made casino games more accessible and engaging but also have opened a realm of exclusive offerings and tailor-made experiences for players. From multi-camera installations to game show elements, progressive jackpots to scalable games, each feature has redefined the sphere of Live Casino games. No wonder Evolution Gaming takes the center stage when it comes to providing unrivalled online gaming experiences. Assembly of these features has masterfully contemporized traditional games, transforming the industry to new heights.